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    Weddings at PGR

We are committed to providing a safe atmosphere and enjoyable experience for all of our guests. To help us in doing so please review the following:
  • PERSONAL COOLERS are PROHIBITED . All refreshments must be purchased from Pineridge Golf Resort. Outside food & beverage is NOT PERMITTED . Any golfer found with outside alcohol not bought from our establishemnt will have it seized and not retruned and may be asked to leave without refund.
  • NO PETS allowed on the course or in clubhouse facility.
  • APPROPRIATE GOLF ATTIRE must be worn at all times in the clubhouse as well as the golf course. We kindly ask that shirts and proper shoes be worn at all times. No muscle shirts, cowboy boots, hiking boot or beachwear. Proper attire will be determined at the discretion of the golf professional staff. Golf attire is available to purchase in the pro-shop.
  • All players MUST REGISTER in the pro shop prior to play.
  • Each operator of a golf cart must have a valid credit card and driver's license.
  • Each player must have his or her OWN SET of clubs.
  • Pace of play for this course is 2 HOURS . Player Assistants and the Golf Staff have full authority to maintain the rules and speed of play for everyone's enjoyment.
  • Please FILL DIVOTS with sand and seed mixture provided on the cart.
  • Please RAKE BUNKERS and REPAIR BALL MARKS on the green.
  • We recommend children UNDER 10yrs be accompanied by an adult and ride a golf cart.

Pineridge Golf Resort is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen or any damages done to persons or property.