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2019 Golf Rates coming soon!! 
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Even Jack says 12 is the new 9!
What could possibly be more fun than a day on the course? A new way of getting around! At Pineridge Golf Resort we have introduced a couple of new ways to get around. We still have our power carts of course but we also offer:
Fat Tire Electric Motorbikes and Golf Boards!
Bike Board for rate page
  Fat Tire Bikes are for all you motorcyle riding enthusiasts that love a good round of golf. Don't expect as much power as your HOG but it is still great fun.
The Golf Boards on the other hand operate much like a snowboard. Prepare for a great time surfing the fairways. Being so close to a lake comminity it only made sense to incorporate the boarding theme here at Pineridge.
Fat tire bike2 Brodie and board
 Fat Tire Bike Golf Board 
 $20.00 for 12 holes - one rider  $25.00 for 12 holes - one rider

53213 Hwy 31
Seba Beach, AB T0E 2B0
(877) 321-7322